Changing to a private-only practice


From 21st May 2022, Eyeworks London are changing to a private-only practice. This means we will no longer provide NHS funded eye examinations.

Why change to a private-only practice?  

Changing to a private-only practice is a big step for us; it has taken careful consideration to reach this decision. Our primary motivation is to continue to be a progressive, forward-thinking practice: we pride ourselves on delivering individualised eye care, embracing the latest innovations all with attentive customer experience. We feel that by working independently of NHS supplemented eyecare, we can continue to do this best.


What are the benefits?

The best eye examinations for everyone 

Our new autonomy will enable the clinical freedom required to give every patient the thorough eye examination we believe that they deserve. This removes the need to enhance ‘basic’ eye examinations with supplementary charges. At Eyeworks London, we do not feel there is such thing as a basic eye test, because enhanced examinations should come as standard.


Continued investment in equipment and training

We have already made improvements to our consulting room; further investments will continue over the next few months. We are excited about our new direction as a truly independent optician and look forward to sharing developments with you over the coming months.


How much will a private eye examination cost?

Our new private pricing structure includes a pay as you go option or a subscription plan which includes membership benefits. 

Adults (over 21) eye examination


(or £7 on our eyecare plan)

Children (under 21) eye examination      


(or £4 monthly on our eyecare plan)

Contact lens aftercare £35                                           


(or additional £3 monthly on our eyecare plan)

Contact lens fitting




Eyecare plan

Unlimited eye examinations and contact lens checks (if on contact lens plan)

10% off glasses and spectacle lenses

Simple monthly fee collected by direct debit

No set up fee

Cancel at anytime



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