Eye Love It

Find your perfect match - a glasses love story

Glasses are an unlikely protagonist to a love story. They often find themselves cast in the role of the underdog in the narrative of fashion and personal style. Unlike coveted accessories such as watches, bags, and shoes, glasses tend to occupy a less glamorous position in the hierarchy of desirability. The initial mindset surrounding glasses is often rooted in their functionality, and perhaps not to undermine the important purpose of glasses they are perceived as a necessity rather than a fashion statement.

But what if we were to shift our perspective and see our glasses not just as functional objects, but as stylish companions that enhance our look and personality. After all, they can straddle both worlds, both being serious and functional and beautiful and fun, without any compromise.

The reality is, when engaging in a conversation, people tend to focus on your eyes rather than your wrists or feet. While a flashy watch or bag might come off as ostentatious, statement glasses just make you look more interesting.

Furthermore, unlike any other item in your wardrobe, when you put on a pair of glasses, a kind of alchemy occurs. The form of the glasses blend the contours of the face. With the right match of glasses and wearer there is a magic compatibility where the glasses reveal and amplifying all the right features.  We often remark at Eyeworks the right pair of glasses look like they have always been yours. Some of our glasses are quirky and eccentric but we know out there when the right person comes along they will love them. Like all good matches the right pair of glasses will bring out the best in you and add a distinctive layer to your personal expression.

At Eyeworks London, we like to think of ourselves as a club for converted reluctant wearers and spectacle enthusiasts. Once the mindset of glasses as a burden is shed there is no stopping the fun that can been had with growing an eyewear wardrobe.

In our club, some members secretly hope for changes in their prescription as an excuse to add more pairs to their collection, while others playfully hide their new purchases from their partners and one client has 40 pairs with his current prescription in them!

For too long, glasses have been seen as a necessity – a mere tool for better vision.
But here, we challenge that notion and embrace the fun and freedom that can be had with glasses as part of your personal style pallet and faithful companion.