Eyewear Accessories Gift Guide

The best gifts are often the ones you least expect but are just what you need. If your loved one wears glasses then they will be surely touched by a unique and fun gift for their eyewear, plus it's something they can make use of everyday. So step away from the socks and put the hand-cream back on the shelf. We have curated a list of eyewear accessories to pleasantly surprise the eyewear lover in your life.

Any Di

Any Di is a clever and stylish way to protect glasses when they are not worn. The sun cover simply clips over the glasses and can be hooked onto a bag or belt without taking up extra bag space. The sun cover comes in a range of playful designs to suit lots of personalities.

Spectacle loops and chains

La loop is the original necklace for your glasses. Available in a range of chain styles like freshwater pearl, plaited leather and gold and silver plated, completed with a loop to keep glasses safe and to hand. They also look great as a piece of jewellery in their own right. Similarly eyewear chains have made a glamorous come back. Both make a beautiful accessory and thoughtful gift.

Ready Readers

Reading glasses wearers notoriously have a few pairs on the go. One for the kitchen, the bag and bedside table for instance. So an addition to the collection is always a welcome gift. Loki ready readers come in a range of retro styles and colours. Prescriptions range from +1.00 to +3.50 ask instore for advice.


OyoBox mini is a luxury eyewear organiser. Removing the need for bulky individual cases, eyewear can be seen and selected with ease. It is a stylish accent piece perfect for the hall bedroom or office. Similary the travel case protects and keeps organised glasses while on the move.