Eye Love it - Glasses Love Stories
For too long, glasses have been seen as a necessity – a mere tool for better vision.
But here, we challenge that notion and embrace the fun and freedom that can be had with glasses as part of your personal style pallet and faithful companion.
Christmas Gift Ideas
Christmas gift ideas for the eyewear lover in your life.
Reports from Paris eyewear exhibition - Silmo 2023

Every year the Eyeworks team attend Silmo, one of the worlds largest eyewear exhibitions in the north of Paris. Eyewear collections from all around the globe are exhibited there. Here is our 2023 report. 

First eye examination for preschool children
An eye test for a 'threenager' is often a more daunting prospect for parents than the children themselves! Read our blog to get a insight to what a first eye test is like for a preschooler.
Caroline Abram

Today we talk to one of our eyewear founders Caroline Abram about the story of her self-named eyewear and accessories brand.  


My glasses and me.... meet Pavan an Eyeworks London customer, we talk glasses, swimwear and latte art!

While glasses are a necessary part of my life, that doesn't mean they can't look good and complement my personal style. After all, feeling confident and comfortable in your glasses can positively impact your overall well-being.

Theo Eyewear Event

Whether you’re new to Theo or one of their many dedicated followers, this event is the perfect opportunity to fully explore Theo’s playful and quirky designs.

Join us on Thursday 27th April 2023,  12-8pm

Children's Eye Examinations...what you need to know
It is important that everyone has regular eye examinations, not only to check if glasses are required but also to examine the health of the eyes. This is particularly important for children, since the absence of appropriate glasses can cause difficulties with reading or seeing the whiteboard at school and in some cases can cause a lazy eye (amblyopia).
Changing to a private-only practice

We pride ourselves on delivering individualised eye care, embracing the latest innovations all with an attentive customer experience. We feel that by working independently of NHS supplemented eyecare, we can continue to do this best.

The NYC Eyewear brand has just landed at Eyeworks London
MYKITA + Maison Margiela
A very cool collaboration
Earth Day
Doing our bit for Mother Earth
Five things not to ignore about your eyes
Even in a lockdown!
COVID-19 Plans and Precautions
We're open by appointment . All staff are fully vaccinated and are tested for COVID twice weekly. This page will be updated to keep you informed of any changes (updated 26/04/21)
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