A New York City lockdown purchase we just couldn't resist!

Lowercase is an exciting new eyewear brand that has landed at Eyeworks London. We love the story, the philosophy and crucially the product. We felt it aligned well with Eyeworks London, so we had to snap it up even though we were in the midst of a lockdown (and supposed to be on a shopping ban)!

Founded in 2016, Lowercase is a passion project by three young New Yorkers, The production is entirely in their Brooklyn workshop. Each frame is inspired by the music, location, history and events of New York, so you are truly wearing a piece of the city. We love the authenticity of this. If you think of brands like Ray-Ban, (that were once made in Long Island and Texas) are now mass produced by Italian based Luxottica. And as a result, have lost part of their authentic American manufacturing aesthetic.

Lowercase make use of new technologies but don't cut corners and employ hand-finishing techniques where appropriate. They have identified 30 separate steps to make each frame which takes 2 weeks to manufacture.

The result is a beautifully made frame that is preppy with attitude and authentically NYC.

The Brooklyn Army Terminal atrium - The home of Lowercase Eyewear


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